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The List of Tools I Use Everyday In My Business 

My Top Resources I Can’t Live Without

Resources are going to be the backbone of your business. I’ve compiled a list of the ones I use regularly. Some of these are free and some are paid but these are all everyday tools I use in my business. And yes, some of these are affiliate links but that doesn’t change the fact that I use and recommend every single one of them.

Webs (Free & Paid) - to build my sites, including course sites with access to members only. Webs is a fantastic resource for me because I really struggle with technology (even Wordpress which is supposed to be super simple). It does everything I need my website to do (sell products, create membership sites, collect email) and is super simple to set up and it’s free to set up my site and once I’ve got it the way I like it, then I pay for the premium version. (You can watch me set up a kick-arse site from scratch in one hour or less here)

Leadpages (Paid) – I love Leadpages because they make it so easy to create opt in and sales pages that work. I always had a huge problem trying to design a functional, user friendly and great looking sales page and Leadpages makes it super simple. Plus they integrate with nearly everyone.

PayPal (Free) – again I’m technically challenged so I don’t really have a good grasp on merchant accounts and all the rest of it. PayPal integrates really easily with webs and makes it super simple for me to collect payments. I can also invoice my customers and set up payment plans

Red Apple Virtual Receptionist (Paid)– When I first started out my phone was getting flooded with enquiries. It chewed up a huge amount of time so I outsourced the phone calls to Laura at Red Apple. I pre-pay my service every month, divert my phone to her and she answers all my calls, responds to FAQ’s etc. My customers think she works for me at my office (actually even my MIL thought this) but in reality we have never met.

Google Adwords (Paid) – I use these guys for online advertising and when I first started out they were responsible for all my customers. I like to think of Adwords as the phone book on steroids. I only pay when someone clicks on my advertisement and provided I can convert a good number of these customers, it’s a gold mine. Watch my free training vid on how to get started with adwords here.

Mail Chimp (Free and Paid) – I use Mail Chimp to manage my email list. It’s super easy to create awesome opt in offers with Leadpages, integrate this with the chimp and collect email addresses of prospective customers. It allows me to set up automatic emails for students in my programs and allows me to create super simple pretty emails in a flash (and allows me to schedule when they are to be sent)

Elance (Free) – I use Elance all the time when I need technical help or anything else that can be completed remotely. Basically you post a description of the job you need completed and people from around the world bid on it. They have a review system which helps you decide on the best fit for your project. At the moment I use it to find freelancers to transcribe my you tube videos etc

Cashbook Complete (free) – I use the free version but there is a paid version as well. I use it to keep track of all my expenses and profit and do all my bookwork. It has lots of reporting options and graphs, I can easily print off profit and loss statements and it lets me put all profit and expenditure into categories so I know exactly where my money is going.

Google Webmaster Tools (free) – I use this to track all search engine activity on my websites. I log on once a month and check out if my search engine optimization is working and where I need to make tweaks. It also shows up anyone that is linking to my site.

Google Adsence (free) – When I’m not running programs over at Astrology With Nic I allow Google to advertise on my site. Super easy to set up and why it doesn’t make a lot of money for me, I still make a small amount of cash from it which is always handy

Stripe (Free) – I’ve only just started using Stripe and I LOVE it. It integrates really well with Webs and unlike the pesky (and somewhat clunky) PayPal processor it makes collecting customer payments straight from my site super simple and it’s a really unobtrusive checkout which I love.

Photofeeler (Free) – This is another free resource that I love. It’s so easy to think your picture is giving one impression when it’s really giving another. I think this is especially prevalent for us girls as we tend to choose the picture that makes us look more attractive when really we need the one that says trustworthy, approachable and confident. You just upload your pic to their website and the other users will vote on what your photo says about you on a sliding scale. Super helpful when it comes to choosing the right pics for your business.

PicMonkey (Free) – I use Picmonkey to create all the banners and images for my online courses, sites and promotion. Really simple to use and has all the functions I could want available for free.

Camtasia (Paid) – I use Camtasia to edit all my video. I can easily create power point presentations, screen casts and more and edit my videos with introduction music. It also allows super easy cropping of the video file so I can easily cut out any mistakes.

Webinar Jam (Paid) – I’ve just started using Webinar Jam to record all my webinars. It’s pretty easy to get the hang of and seems to integrate pretty well with my mailing list. I’m not the familiar with webinar software so I can’t say for sure if it’s the best thing out there or not but it works for me.

Echo Sign (Paid) – I used to use Echosign for all my contracts. It made it really easy to create a contract and send it to the client for them to sign. I no longer need to use it because I no longer have contracts but it was super easy to set up and use.

Unrollme (Free) – I use this neat little app to roll all my subscription emails up so I don’t get swamped. It delivers my emails in a bundled package once per day for me to digest at leisure. I have a lot of email subscriptions so unrollme was a godsend.

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